Specialty Media

Blasting and filtration media for a variety of applications

Sturgis Materials stocks an array of specialized sands, aggregates, and abrasives. Professionals count on Sturgis to provide blasting media for the toughest clean-up jobs, or filtration media to provide clean, safe drinking water to local municipalities.

When it comes to the right materials for the job, Sturgis Materials is your trusted expert.

Barton Garnet Abrasives

Sturgis Materials is pleased to carry Barton products, high-quality industry garnet abrasives for technical sandblast applications. Our standard packages are 55 lb. paper bags, with 40 bags per pallet.

Product/Grade Generic Size


Profile on Steel

Garnet #16 – Extra Coarse

Remove thickest and most adherent coatings (60+ mils) and rust in maintenance applications for ship repair, petro-chemical, and industrial painting contracting

4+ mil

Garnet #36 – Coarse

Remove thick coatings (20-60 mils) and rust in maintenance applications where a larger surface profile is required

3-4 mil

Garnet 30×40 Mesh – Intermediate

Remove heavier coatings (up to 40 mils) and rust, while controlling profile

2.5-3 mil

Garnet 30×60 Mesh – Medium

“Workhorse” grade for general purpose abrasive blasting up to 20 mils and denim blasting

2-3 mil

Garnet 80 Mesh – Fine

Used on aluminum and other sensitive substrates for applications like surface preparation for powder coating

1.5-2 mil

Garnet 100 Mesh – Extra Fine

For very sensitive surfaces, or in applications where a shallow surface profile is desired. Available by special order only

1-1.5 mil

Black Beauty Coal Slag Abrasive

At Sturgis Materials, we carry medium and fine coal slag abrasives in 100 lb. paper bags, with 30 bags per pallet.

Medium grade, approximately 12/40 mesh, is for general purpose repair or maintenance blasting for the removal of rust, paint, mill scale, and more on structural steel.

Fine grade, approximately 20/40 mesh, is for new construction, light paint or rust removal, or other applications that require a reduced profile on structural steel.

Glass Bead Blast Media

Our general purpose blast media is recommended for applications where debris removal is necessary without damaging the item’s surface. Glass bead media works well on softer metals, like aluminum and brass, as well as plastic. Use glass bead blast media with a blasting gun or in a blasting cabinet.

Our glass beads do not contain free silica and can be recycled many times. Glass media comes in 50 lb. paper bags, with 40 bags per pallet.

Aluminum Oxide Blasting Abrasives

Angular, durable blasting abrasives made of aluminum oxide can be recycled many times. Widely used in sand blast finishing and surface preparation, aluminum oxide is low-cost and long-lasting. Because it’s harder than most other common blasting materials, aluminum oxide penetrates and cuts even the hardest of metals.

Aluminum oxide is 50 percent lighter than other metallic media and has twice the particles per pound. This minimizes damage to thin materials by eliminating the surface stresses caused by heavier, slower-cutting media.

Aluminum oxide is ideal for cleaning engine heads or turbine blades, for monument lettering and inscription, or for cleaning and preparing metal parts for metalizing, plating, and welding.

Our white aluminum oxide is a 99.5 percent ultra-pure grade of blasting media that can be used in critical, high-performing processes like microdermabrasion and where other metal oxides must be kept to a minimum.

Aluminum oxide comes in 50 lb. containers.

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