Mexican Beach Pebbles (Spencer Library KU)

Common Applications for Decorative Gravel

Many people opt for decorative pea gravel and other landscape gravel for their flowerbeds, paved walkways, and more. Such decorative gravels are a cost-effective alternative to annual wood mulching and require nearly zero ongoing maintenance.

Most of our decorative gravel is bagged in 100 lb. quantities, but bulk sales into an open-bed pickup, trailer, or spreader also are available. Bulk material is sold by weight, as determined by our certified on-site scale.

Sand, Gravel, and Topsoil

Complete your landscape with a variety of aggregates for many uses. Bulk pricing and delivery are available.

Black Lava

Size: 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ . Available in bulk or bags.

Black Rust

Size: 3/4″ x 1-1/2″ . Available in bulk or bags.

Glacier Rock

Three sizes:  Jumbo  (1 ½ x 2 ½”)

Large (¾ x 1 ½”)

Medium (¼ x ½”)

Available in bulk or bags.

Granite Cobbles

Size: 4 – 8″.  Available in bulk only.

Kansas River Rock

Three sizes:

Large (¾ x 1 ½”)

Medium (¼ x ½”)

Pea (¼ x 1/8 ”)

Available in bulk or bags.

Moonlight River Rounds

Size: 2-3”.  Available in bags or bulk.

Colorado River Jacks

Three sizes:

River Jacks (4 – 10”)

Medium Jacks (2 – 4″)

Mini Jacks (1-2 ”)

Available in bulk only.


Size: ~2″ or Oversized* (2 – 8″)  Available in bags or bulk.


*Oversized in bulk only

Ozark River Rock

Three sizes, available in bags or bulk:

Ozark Large(2 – 3”)

Ozark Medium (3/4 – 1″)

Ozark Oversized (3 – 8″) Bulk only

Payne's Gray
Payne's Gray Grande

Size: 3/4″ or 2″ .  Available in bags or bulk.

Red Granite

Size: ~2″.  Available in bags or bulk.

Western Sunset

Size: ~2″.  Available in bags or bulk.

An igneous rock with 50% greater yield compared to limestone or granite. 

White Marble

Size: ¾ x 1 ½”.  Available in bags or bulk.

Stabilized Gran-I-Path

Decomposed granite must be installed at a minimum of 3″ depth

Composted Topsoil

Sold by the cubic yard (½ minimum)

Great for:

    • Top dressing

    • Athletic fields

    • Planting beds

    • Gardens

Our Enhanced Soil is a mixture of compost and topsoil. Adding manure to topsoil reintroduces nutrients to create a compost with a variety of
environmental benefits. The results indicate a nutrient rich soil with 13 percent organic matter.

Our composted topsoil is generated from an open feedlot in eastern
Kansas. Manure is scraped and cleaned from the pens and mixed with
soil prior to being placed into windrows. Each windrow is turned several
times over a maturation period of 6-12 months as the manure breaks
down. The addition of nutrients to the soil makes our product very
unique and beneficial.

Before heading to market, we screen our product using a trommel
screener to remove rocks, clods and clumps. This ensures the product
is consistent in both quality and texture. To further guarantee the
final product meets our quality standards, we utilize a certified lab for

Fill in the gaps with gravel, sand, and soil from Sturgis Materials.

Buy in bulk for savings and convenience!