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Your landscaping project is important - and so is the quality of the materials you use to complete it.

Natural Thin Veneer

A natural quarried stone, this veneer is indistinguishable from full-thickness stone after installation and creates a gorgeous exterior veneer in landscaping and on buildings. Unlike manufactured faux stone, each piece is unique.

Sodium Bentonite

Get the most effective waterproof and chemical-proof sealant on the market: Benseal. It’s an inexpensive, but permanent solution for your stock and decorative pond or other water features, with no toxic additives.


The Laticrete Masonry Veneer Installation System (MVIS) includes a revolutionary waterproofing membrane, polymer-fortified adhesive mortars, and non-sag performance to deliver high-strength installation that is freeze-thaw stable. Your adhered masonry veneer projects are made easier and more durable with the Laticrete grout system.

Limestone Fence Posts

From the Land of the Post Rock, a distinction given to 3 million acres in north central Kansas, come limestone fence posts. These quarried rocks stand between five and six feet tall and harken back to the early settlement days of Kansas. They’re beautiful in your modern landscape, too.


Genuine flagstone rock’s nuanced color and texture are often imitated, but never matched. This all-natural stone is perfect for patios, stone walkways, and more, and can either be set directly into dirt or mortared over concrete.


Earth’s durable building blocks, wallstone comes in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can create planter boxes, garden beds, fire pits, walls, and more. Varied textures and color striations make wallstone more interesting than manufactured products, like concrete.

Decorative Gravel and Boulders

Long-lasting gravel eliminates the need for yearly flower bed mulching and becomes a permanent feature of any landscape. Dozens of shapes, sizes, and colors of gravel and boulders to choose from mean no two landscape features will ever look the same.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Extend the outdoor season with a fireplace that provides warmth and becomes the center of your gatherings. Fireplace kits are customizable and complete, with numerous options to choose from.

Custom Stone

Marble, granite, travertine, limestone, sandstone, and slate are all natural stone materials from the earth for building exteriors, kitchens, wall cladding, and floors. Get your own one-of-a-kind piece from Sturgis Materials, where we’ll cut and finish all types of natural stone for residential and commercial applications.

Building Stone

Make a lasting impression with natural building stone and full stone veneers. No two pieces are alike, and they can be tooled or shaped to achieve the desired appearance. Select from a wide array of building stones to match your home or business façade.

Building Materials

Installing natural stone products requires a level of care and specific products such as mortar mixes, concrete mixes, cements, and sands. Get everything you need to install your landscaping products at Sturgis Materials.

Specialty Media

Find sand, aggregates, and abrasives for blasting or filtration at Sturgis Materials. Trust our experts to help you locate and order what you need for the job, including Garnet, Black Beauty, glass bead, aluminum oxide, and more.

Why Type III Dolomite Limestone is Preferred

Natural stone is among the most visually appealing building elements you can use, but not all stone is created equal.  Learn why Sturgis Materials recommends Type III Dolomite Limestone for appearance and perfomance.

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