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Sturgis Materials is proud to carry quality products from Ash Grove, Lehigh, Blue Bond, Harsco and LATICRETE®.

Ash Grove Concrete Mix

Ash Grove Concrete Mix is perfect for any job requiring concrete applications two inches or thicker. This mix can be used wherever ready-mix concrete is used, especially when smaller quantities are required.

Recommended uses include patios, slabs, curbs, steps, walkways, footers, countertops, and setting posts and poles. The uniformly blended and easy-to-use mixture contains portland cement, sand, and gravel.

Ash Grove Portland Cement I, I/II & III

Ash Grove Portland cement may be mixed with aggregates to form a premium concrete, mortar, or stucco mix. Type I and Type I/II cements are suitable for most concrete applications while Type III provides a higher early strength for use in cold weather.

Recommended uses include for concrete mix, mortar mix, stucco mix, precast, and parging.

Ash Grove Masonry Type N Cement

Ash Grove Type N Cement is specially formulated to provide a mortar with a superior bond, enhanced setting time, board life, workability, water retention, and durability. This Type N cement achieves medium strength for non-load bearing walls in brick, block, or stone masonry construction.

It’s also ideal for making stucco or plaster or for making mortar repairs. The cement is a mixture of portland cement, finely ground minerals, and special admixtures for above grade or exterior construction.

Ash Grove Masonry Type S Cement

Ash Grove Type S Cement is formulated to provide a mortar with enhanced setting time, workability, water retention, durability, and bond. It achieves high strength and mechanical resistance, for use in load-bearing walls or wherever higher adhesion, greater compression, and flexural strengths are needed.

It is ideal for laying block, brick, or stone, making stucco or plaster, and making mortar repairs. Type S Cement is a mixture of portland cement, finely ground minerals, and special admixtures for above or below-grade usage.

Ash Grove Mortar Mix

Ash Grove Mortar Mix is ideal for laying brick, block, and stone, or repairing masonry walls. It is thoroughly premixed to ensure strength and workability.

Our mortar mix is best used for masonry applications, such as fireplaces, chimneys, stucco, and tuck-pointing. It is a ready-to-use mixture made of cement, graded sand, and other ingredients for masonry applications. Dry mixing is not required.

Lehigh White Portland Cement

Sturgis Materials carries Lehigh White Type N and Type S masonry cements that are ready to use at the job site. These products yield reliable workability and improved board life.

Lehigh recommends machine-mixing between 2 ¼ and 3 cubic feet of sand with each bag of white masonry cement. Products are available for exterior, above and below grade applications, as well as interior applications for load-bearing and non-load bearing walls.

LATICRETE® Mortars and Grouts

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