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Flagstone is a beautiful, all-natural material to create pathways & patios.? Often imitated, only genuine stone can capture the subtle nuances of color, richness and texture found in flagstone.? Choose square cut or random shapes to enhance the value and visual appeal of any home.

Flagstones can be installed a few different ways.?This is a diagram of a “dry set” installation, similar to that of a brick paver patio.?Flagstone can also be mortared over a concrete slab, or some can be set directly in to the dirt for stepping stones. Consult your Sturgis professional for the ideal stone for your situation!

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  • The word Flagstone refers to a flat stone, typically used as a paving material.
  • Thickness will vary depending on the type of stone from 1/2″ to 2-1/2″.
  • Many of our flagstones have a corresponding wall stone or edge stone.
  • Several flagstones are available cut or chopped into squares and rectangles for a more formal patio area.
  • Some important facts you need to know when you purchase Natural stone:
    • Our samples represent the general characteristics of the stone. Natural variations can and will occur in size, color, and texture.
    • Stone can vary in size. Our samples are not to be interpreted as the only size within a sample range.
    • Stone, as it ages, can change colors on the outer surface. To reveal the rich character and color of the stone, some tooling is involved.
    • Newly quarried stone can oxidize, darken, lighten, or otherwise change from the appearance either shown in the example walls or represented in stock.
    • These stone samples have been installed by skilled craftsmen. Many of the stones were tooled, or shaped to achieve the desired appearance. To achieve the appearance you desire, some tooling may be necessary.
  • Do I seal my flagstone?
  • What do I put in the joints between flagstones?

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Antique Gray

Arctic Blend

Arctic Blend Steppers


Natural Cleft Bluestone

Thermal Bluestone

Irregular Bluestone

Tumbled Bluestone

Crystal Ridge

Desert Cream

New Belgium Blocks

Indiana Limestone


Red Quartz Flagstone

Rocky Mountain Quartz

Dolomite Pavers

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Seminole Gold

Misty River

Sawn Buckskin